ROMulator Standalone Programming/Debugging Kit


Standalone programming and debugging interface for the ROMulator, no Raspberry Pi required.



This kit includes everything you need to program or debug with the ROMulator without requiring a Raspberry Pi.


D1 Mini ESP8266 development board, including micro-usb interface and 2 8-pin headers. Comes programmed with the romulator-programmer-debugger firmware to interface with the ROMulator. Can be reprogrammed via usb and platformio.

Interface board to connect the D1 Mini to the ROMulator programming header, includes 8-pin headers to connect the D1 Mini, 2×5 header to connect to the romulator, and a 2-pin header and jumper to connect/disconnect 3.3v power between D1 and ROMulator, used if connected with usb during debugging.

Comes in kit form, just solder on the headers. Takes a few minutes and requires a soldering iron and solder.

For assembly and operating instructions, please see:
ROMulator Standalone Kit Instructions